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Choose a Table-Top Restaurant POS – Change the Way Restaurants Operate

By |May 22, 2021|Categories: News & Events|

In recent years, restaurants have had to face difficult challenges, even before the COVID-19 pandemic. The dining experience has changed, driven predominately by Millennials, who have high expectations. It is important to address potential [...]

How They Sell is Why They Win: Cruise Line Technology and the Customer Experience

By |January 14, 2020|Categories: News & Events|

In a rapidly expanding and ferociously competitive market, the use of effective cruise line technology to help deliver outstanding and memorable customer experiences is absolutely crucial to success. According to the most recent industry figures, [...]

Five Ways Restaurant Technology is Changing in 2020 and Beyond

By |November 21, 2019|Categories: News & Events|

From tabletop ordering to fully robotic restaurant kitchens, restaurant technology continues to evolve. And as consumer needs and desires change, the restaurant industry must stay on top of these trends or risk being left behind.