In a rapidly expanding and ferociously competitive market, the use of effective cruise line technology to help deliver outstanding and memorable customer experiences is absolutely crucial to success.

According to the most recent industry figures, more than 27 million people took a cruise in 2018, a figure that has increased by 20 percent over the last five years, and more than 90 percent of these customers now say they are very likely to cruise again.

Why Excellence is No Longer Enough

New ships of stunning design are being launched in record numbers to cope with this surge in demand, but to thrive in the market it will not be enough for cruise lines to provide luxurious accommodation, top quality bar and dining options, state of the art fitness facilities and excellent entertainment.

Today’s customers regard these as no more than the basic elements of a cruise and are increasingly basing their buying decisions on the promise of a unique, personalized vacation experience. 

Staffing each ship with a generous allocation of highly trained and motivated, customer-focused personnel is clearly essential to the delivery of outstanding customer experiences, but making use of the latest cruise line technology is also crucial.

NorthStar Cruise Line Technology

At the most fundamental level, the NorthStar POS system removes all the annoying friction points which can so easily spoil customers’ experiences.

Checking in and out is a quick, simple process, and guests can order food, drinks and cabin service, reserve tables or book excursions using one of the many Wi-Fi enabled tablets that are to be found everywhere on the ship.

Payments are likewise easily made through the fully integrated POS system using either the onboard room key system or any alternative method preferred by the customer.

But the real benefit of the most modern cruise line POS systems, such as the NorthStar POS, is that they’re specifically designed to empower guests to design their own onboard and shore excursion experiences.

Aboard the Norwegian Cruise Lines’ flagship, Norwegian Escape, for example, guests are enabled to self-order directly from their tablets in restaurants and bars, designing and pacing their own food and drink choices without the need for a server.

Building Customer Relationships with the NorthStar POS

And perhaps even more importantly, the NorthStar cruise line POS also encourages and prompts staff to build the kind of personal relationships with guests that are essential in securing repeat bookings.

This may be as simple as having the system remember and prompt a guest’s favorite cocktail or menu selection. But it can also be used to store personal details such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries, and to help staff with the promotion of loyalty programs.

For best results, it’s essential that onboard staff are trained to buy into a philosophy of always trying to surprise customers by exceeding their expectations. But the use of the right cruise line technology can be invaluable in helping them to do this.    

About NorthStar CBS

NorthStar Custom Business Solutions (CBS) is a long-established provider of restaurant POS systems and is now applying more than 25 years’ experience to the particular challenges of the cruise industry.

In addition to providing the advanced POS technology for the Norwegian Escape, we’re also working with Norwegian Cruise Lines on bespoke multi-lingual tablet solutions for its Norwegian Joy liner and its Harvest Caye vacation island.

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