Bar and Café Point of Sale

The ultimate in customer convenience. A bar and cafe point of sale that was built for custom drinks? Yes please! Wow your guests and bringing them back time after time, it’s easier than ever.

Bar and Cafe Point of Sale Reporting

Reorders are easier than ever

With that special drink, just the way they like it

With NorthStar’s guest ordering mode, your guests can order that special drink just the way they like it. Extra foam? Extra ice? No problem. What’s even better than that? Simple reorders at the touch of a button. Order, pay and checkout right at the kiosk or tabletop stand. Ordering drinks from behind the counter? NorthStar’s cafe and bar point of sale system does that too. With a clean efficient system that gets right to the point, simplify your bar or cafe order intake and improve your accuracy and efficiency.

Guests order for themselves

Drag and drop with ease

Empower your guests with ordering right from the kiosk or tabletop tablet. Reduce labor costs and wasteful errors. Your guest ordering interface will send orders straight to the bar, eliminating relay errors. Customers leave pleased with your excellent service and happy to return again.

guest ordering mode
Upsell with NorthStar

Never miss an upsell

With NorthStar’s related items

What beer would go best with my burger? What wine with this pizza? Food finally meets it’s match with the ultimate pairing guide for your servers, right in the palm of their hand – within your Bar and Cafe Point of Sale interface. Now that’s rockstar service.

Simple to use, easy to learn

If you can use an iPad, you can use NorthStar’s Cafe and Bar Point of Sale System

Forget spending days on training your staff to use your new point of sale system. With NorthStar’s cafe and bar point of sale system, your employees will be up and running within hours. Plus, with our new training mode you’ll give employees access to the system and let them test it before they go live.

An easy to learn cafe and bar point of sale system

It’s time for a better Cafe and Bar Point of Sale System

Our omnichanel solution is the iPad point of sale that helps your bar or café improve the customer experience and become more profitable. Getting started with NorthStar is easy.

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How NorthStar can help increase profit.

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NorthStar’s Cafe and Bar Point of Sale was built from the ground up for multi-location restaurants. We know what you’re looking for because we have 25 years in restaurant POS software, and spent 5 years building the next generation in restaurant technology. We’re confident that you will love NorthStar’s Bar and Cafe Point of Sale Software. Get a FREE demo below, and find the Bar and Cafe Point of Sale you’ve been waiting for.