Tablet POS for Restaurants

A Restaurant Tablet POS (Point of Sale) system frees your from the more rigid traditional POS that remains locked within the confines of a few fixed computer stations. Tablet POS systems for restaurants places the power directly in the hands of your staff and customers – wherever they may be! In addition to transporting your restaurant immediately and powerfully into the modern technology space, Tablet POS usage gives you the support of portability, speed, and the ultimate in restaurant POS flexibility. Now you can streamline operations and add kiosk tablets and guest-facing tablets onto your existing point of sale platform – all integrated quickly and seamlessly.

Tablet POS

Tablet POS for Restaurants Improves Service, Speed & Quality

Without question, upgrading to mobile tablets provides a faster and more efficient solution for your servers. Each restaurant server’s Tablet POS is portable, eliminating the need for staff to wait to enter their orders on a stationary POS system. This means servers can now enter orders tableside, freeing up more time for them to interact with your guests and efficiently deliver orders to the table – and less time stopping by the POS machine in the hallway.

Reduced Overhead Costs with a Tablet POS for your Restaurant

Older restaurant POS systems typically come with unexpected tack-on services and fees that can add up quick. That’s because older equipment comes with a lot of moving parts that are expensive and often difficult to replace. With more modern systems, hardware is readily available in stores like Apple or Best Buy – and comes at a fraction of the cost of your outdated old machines.

tablet point of sale
Tablet pos for restaurants

Faster Table Turns & More Throughput

Restaurant operators today face many challenges, including rising costs in labor, food, and brick-and-mortar expenses. These are traditionally the three largest expenses for a restaurant – and the cost-noose gets a bit tighter every day. Tablet POS implementation in your restaurant helps to increase the number of table turns, thereby increasing the throughput of the restaurant. This means more money and higher revenue – without damaging the experience at the restaurant. In fact, your customer’s overall experience is almost certain to improve with Tablet POS introduction.

Get Tablet POS with NorthStar!

If you’re considering a Tablet POS solution, NorthStar offers the most up-to-date and efficient way to empower your staff – while also further engaging your guests. We’re excited to show you the many ways our flexible platform can help you streamline and grow your business. Fill in your details below to receive a personalized live demonstration!

Northstar Tablet POS

Better Customer Service & Higher Tips

If you’re worried that making the switch will put a dent in your servers’ tips, we’ve actually discovered quite the opposite to be true. Having a wealth of detailed food and inventory information at their fingertips means not just immediate ingredient information, but powerful promptings to upsell and cross-sell. Ultimately, this all leads to faster service and less waiting for everyone involved. Your servers can answer more guest questions more immediately, food can arrive faster, and the overall guest experience is enhanced – which can also lead to more positive online reviews and social media shares.

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iPad Point of Sale card swipe

Universal Ease of Use

Millions of pre-trained users automatically understand swipe, taps and gestures built into tablet POS systems like NorthStar – because everyone has used a tablet or smart phone before. This means faster, more intuitive learning for your servers, so they can really hit the ground running.

Fast Troubleshooting & Support with Northstar Tablet POS

Because all data is stored in the Cloud, technicians can access devices remotely, meaning any necessary troubleshooting and solution delivery becomes significantly easier and faster. NorthStar also offers around-the-clock, 24/7 support services from technically trained and passionate professionals.

Restaurant Point of Sale Software
Cloud-enabled Tablet POS for restaurants

Leverage Data in the Cloud with Northstar Restaurant POS

Multi-unit operators can now manage their full portfolio from anywhere – with any web-enabled device. Not only can menu management can be done remotely, but you can easily monitor sales, access real-time data to take the guesswork out of ordering and staffing, and more! Everything you need to know and any changes you need to make are all available at your fingertips – with no need to physically visit your restaurants to provide solutions or download data. The end result is you can always remain up-to-date, in-the-know, and nimble – whether you have one store or 100.

Tablet POS Modes

NorthStar POS Mode


Everything you’d expect from a best-in-class POS. Alternate payments, unlimited menu categories, e-mail or print receipt option, pre-order capabilities, and more!

NorthStar Guest Ordering

Guest Ordering

Customers can place orders, order refills, purchase songs, pay, split checks, and more – all from easy-to-use tableside tablets. The ultimate in high-tech experience and guest control.

NorthStar Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Ordering

Guests pre-order right from your lobby, using your integrated Tablet POS, while they wait. Or guests can place orders to go, streamlining the ordering process and saving your staff valuable time. This allows your restaurant to create additional sales opportunities in key restaurant locations, use digital signage, send orders directly to the kitchen, and put your menu to work from anywhere in your restaurant.