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Find out what the power of a best-in-class Theme Park Point of Sale System can do for your park’s food and beverage sales.

Theme Park Point of Sale Systems

Flexible, Powerful, Easy Theme Park POS.

Crush your queue times, sell more to happier guests.

  • Speed up your queue times so you can sell more. The speed of NorthStar’s theme park point of sale system gets your guests back to the rides faster.
  • So easy, anyone can use it. Ultra fast and intuitive, don’t lose days training new staff on your new theme park point of sale, keep everything running at full speed ahead.
  • Reporting and controls available wherever you are, at anytime. For all areas of your amusement park.
Food Republic Norwegian Escape Point of Sale

The Floating Amusement Park

NorthStar is not a one size fits all solution. We have customized our platform for hundreds of restaurant chains and theme parks worldwide. Our flexibility is key to adapting to our client’s needs. One of our biggest news-worthy customizations to date, was outfitting the Norwegian Escape from Norwegian Cruise Lines with a cruise line point of sale system.

Thousands of guests and orders every day, all moving in a whirlwind at full speed ahead. Sound familiar? These factors are nothing new to the cruise line industry, and we know they’re nothing new to you. That’s why NorthStar is the point of sale of choice for the Norwegian Escape. We understand that you need reporting and management tools that work with your existing software, not against them.

Read about how NorthStar outfitted the Norwegian Escape with a custom tailored tablet point of sale solution.

Turn your employees into order-taking rockstars with our Theme Park POS System.

Our Easy-to-use, fixed or floating Theme Park POS System means faster, better guest service.

  • Training time is slashed with familiar iOS interface and gestures
  • Break up long lines with a handheld POS
  • Service VIP areas or cabanas with a floating device
Theme Park POS System
Kiosk and Tablet ordering POS System

Put the power in your guests hands.

Kiosk Ordering allows guests to order food, drinks, tickets, or anything else the moment they need it!

  • Put kiosks anywhere in your theme park, so your guests can order anything without the long lines
  • Turn that open space, wall, or walkway into an additional revenue center
  • Theme Park Guests can better craft the exact experience they want at your park

All the reports and controls for your theme parks, available wherever you are.

Get instant access to revenue centers within one area of your park, the whole park, or your whole enterprise with our custom theme park point of sale systems.

  • Get real-time POS data wherever Internet is available, from your computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Make instant changes to pricing, menu, or marketing from anywhere
  • Seamlessly integrates with best-in-class data and loyalty tools
Manage all your orders from anywhere on the internet

Theme Park Point Of Sale Systems Made Easy.

Your guests visit your theme park to enjoy the day with family and friends. Your food and beverage sales shouldn’t get in the middle of that. Let the experienced team at NorthStar show you how you can make F&B sales an enjoyable experience with our theme park point of sale systems.

Stuff Happens.

60 Seconds Average Call Center Wait Time.

What could you do with the time you waste on the phone with your technology provider’s help line? Make more money? Train more staff? Spend time with your family? Our Support Center has an average 60 second call wait time, so you can get back to what matters most.

Theme Park Point of Sale System Tablets
Custom theme park point of sale systems (POS Systems)

Are you ready for…

Quicker service and happier customers?
Integrated ordering and reporting?
Increased F&B Revenue and a healthier bottom line?
A better Theme Park Point of Sale System

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From software to hardware and logistics, NorthStar is the Theme Park POS System you want to work with. We are committed to making sure that your launch goes seamlessly, and your transition is painless.