Fine Dining Point of Sale That’s a Cut Above

Your five star restaurant deserves a Fine Dining Point of Sale System that is as sophisticated as its menu.

Fine Dining Point of Sale Systems

Small footprint, big software

Slender technology that enhances atmosphere

The sleek footprint of NorthStar’s Fine Dining Point of Sale system gives your wait staff the added efficiency and accuracy of an industry-leading point of sale system, without cramping your style. Forget bulky and ugly dinosaur terminals, NorthStar’s polished design blends right into the carefully crafted ambiance of your restaurant. It’s time for a better fine dining point of sale system, it’s time for NorthStar.

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Turn your wait staff into sommeliers

Without lifting a finger

With suggested up-sells, NorthStar’s fine dining POS easily turns your wait staff into the most well-versed pairing enthusiasts. With the touch of a button, they can see recommended wine and beer to match your guest’s meal. Now that’s service.

upsell feature on the NorthStar Point of Sale system
Secure restaurant tablet POS

The most secure Fine Dining Point of Sale System

PCI, Encryption, and EMV

Protect your customers and your restaurant with NorthStar’s security encryption at the swipe. We stay at the forefront of cyber security and credit card protection so you don’t have to. When your customer is safe, your business is safe. Have questions about network security in restaurants? Download our Network Security White Paper.

Five star service

With less time at the server station, guests get more face time with your staff

NorthStar is intuitive and fast, which means your servers are freed up to deliver the outstanding service your guests expect from your fine dining establishment. Point of sale? More like point of service.

Fine dining point of sale systems

It’s time for a better Fine Dining Point of Sale

Our omnichanel solution is the iPad point of sale that helps fine dining restaurants improve the customer experience and become more profitable. Getting started with NorthStar is easy.

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How NorthStar

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NorthStar was built from the ground up for multi-location restaurants. We know what you’re looking for – because we have 25 years in restaurant software, and spent 5 years building the next generation in restaurant technology. We’re confident that you will love NorthStar. Get a FREE demo below, and find the Point of Sale you’ve been waiting for.