22 01, 2018

Building And Sustaining A Recurring Revenue Model Business

January 22, 2018|News & Events|

Let’s face it, no business, particularly a technology company, can grow with a transaction mentality.  If possible, the key is to create a recurring revenue business model to ensure ongoing income, which in turn allows you to keep investing in the product and the service you deliver behind it.

The first step is to change your […]

19 01, 2018

Book Report!! Shoe Dog by Nike’s Phil Knight

January 19, 2018|News & Events|

No brand becomes a multimillion dollar success over night. It takes a lot of scraping, management and grit to get any company up, running and profitable. It doesn’t matter what business you are in, starting a business is hard, but taking lessons from successful business owners can help give you the tools to succeed.  This […]

2 01, 2018

How to build a digital fanbase and crush it online!

January 2, 2018|News & Events|

Online marketing is an important asset that many restaurant owners overlook. Having an online presence and an online fanbase can help bring more people into your restaurant and improve the profitability of your business. This week we are discussing how to put out content that will connect you with your customers with the help of […]

15 12, 2017

Driving Higher Profits With Digital Signage

December 15, 2017|News & Events|

As a restaurateur you’ve probably thought about how to make your restaurant more profitable too many times to count.  So, what if we told you there is an easy way to increase profits while improving your guests’ experience? With the cost of digital platforms dropping dramatically, integrating them into your business is no longer out […]

20 11, 2017

Employee Feedback Loops: Getting Best Feedback

November 20, 2017|News & Events|

People are the foundation of a business. You want to make sure you are getting the right people but you also want to make sure you are fostering improvement in them. Being a good leader means being a good mentor and having the ability to develop yourself and your staff. Having one bad person on […]

8 11, 2017

“Mindset” By Carol Dweck Book Report

November 8, 2017|News & Events|

Once again, we are sharing one of our favorite recent reads that have impacted us as businessmen and leaders. As a leader it is critical to constantly be working to better yourself, and reading is a chance to gain new tools and learn new techniques to make that happen.  This week we are exploring ideas […]

3 10, 2017

The Guest Experience of the Future!

October 3, 2017|News & Events|

We live in an age full of new technologies and options for customization. Google and other sites are gaining more information about users than ever before. Companies today are using fully automated systems that allow customers to engage in transactions without ever dealing with another person. All this new technology gives us a chance to […]