You have probably heard of some of the latest POS (point of sale) features available today. For restaurants, there are a number of benefits, automating processes that would typically have involved paper-based processes and going between teams of people. Inevitably, this could result in misunderstandings and delays. With NorthStar’s five modes of restaurant POS, a lot of these issues can be addressed.

How does it work?

The NorthStar POS system is cloud-based. While some people are concerned about this, our system is secure and trusted. Our enterprise content management can be logged in from anywhere with a stable internet connection.

The system is made up of devices and software. This can include the machine people use to make payments and the way you process the order. You could use it to place orders yourself and transmit them to your kitchen staff. Alternatively, there are table-top ordering systems that can allow guests to put the orders in themselves.

The latter system is especially useful because it removes the issues that can come with people trying to get the attention of busy wait staff and make it easier to process payments quickly and efficiently. There are also options for mobile and web ordering, ideal for food delivery and collection.

Find out more

One way that we like to show how our POS systems work is to offer a live demonstration for restaurants. If you would like to know more or to discuss our range of POS systems in more detail please contact NorthStar today.