Restaurant Point of Sale System software and devices can potentially revolutionize your restaurant’s service. It can make the process more efficient, removing several roadblocks to profitability. However, one issue people raise is how secure a Point of Sale (POS) system is. So it is worth knowing how secure restaurant POS systems are.

Keeping the system secure

NorthStar’s POS uses a cloud-based system. The data that is collected from the POS is transmitted to a remote online storage. This storage is protected by high-level encryption, keeping the system safe from hackers.

One of the biggest concerns is regarding accepting payments. Creating tokens means that the data can only be decoded by the recipient or ourselves. What this effectively means is that even if hackers could retrieve these tokens, the encrypted information would be useless to them

Payment technology has become more efficient, so the slower processing speeds that occurred with earlier chip and pin technology are no longer an issue.


While we take as many steps as possible to maintain security, it is important that your team is aware of maintaining security. This includes using strong and regularly updated passwords, encrypting data, and making sure your software is up to date.

Find out more

To learn more about our POS systems and how we maintain security, contact NorthStar and we will be happy to discuss your options in more detail as well as arranging a live demonstration of our systems.