In recent years, restaurants have had to face difficult challenges, even before the COVID-19 pandemic. The dining experience has changed, driven predominately by Millennials, who have high expectations. It is important to address potential issues that diners may have that could put them off. One way to make the dining experience better is to use a table-top restaurant POS (point of sale system).

Remove issues

In order to understand how a table-top POS system can make a difference, think about issues people can have. Sometimes, it can be hard to get the attention of wait staff and you can find yourself waiting a long time for your main course or another drink.

Conversely, the opposite can be true. It can be difficult to maintain a conversation when the wait staff continually come over and ask, “Is everything okay?”

A tabletop ordering system eliminates these issues. A diner can look at the menu and order as requested. If they want another drink or sides, they can order them as necessary. In addition to this, once the meal is finished you can pay for your meal at the table without having to worry about attracting the attention of the wait staff.

People can be worried that this will remove the human element- however, there are still options to get wait staff to come to you and discuss any needs or questions you may have.

Find out more

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