Running a restaurant can be difficult. There are a number of issues that the management has to deal with. You want to be sure that people are served as promptly as possible and the diners have the best experience. You want to make the job as easy as possible for your wait staff and kitchen team. This is why NorthStar offers five restaurant POS (point of sale) options designed to deal with a range of issues.

Point of sale

Our POS system covers a range of issues including handling split checks, alternate payments (for example, payments with partial cash, partial credit card) as well as integrating gift cards.

Guest and kiosk ordering

Guest ordering systems take the hassle out of placing orders with a fully customizable user interface, as well as providing opportunities for upselling (such as programming in special offers for sides when someone orders a main course).

Kiosk ordering is another option when a customer can order before they get to their table, as well as allowing more opportunities for dialogue with your customers.

Web and mobile ordering

If your restaurant offers delivery or pickup, there are POS options for web and mobile ordering that can make the process more convenient.

Find out more

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