The restaurant experience is meant to be a relaxing, enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be an anxious time. You have had a drink and you want to order your food. Sometimes, you are trying to attract the attention of the wait staff but are you assigned a specific employee or can you get anyone? You don’t want to appear rude. One way to avoid this anxious, awkward situation is to use a table ordering system.

Remove the hassle

With a table ordering system, a diner can look over the restaurant options as soon as they sit down. There is also the benefit that if you want another drink, an additional side dish, or want to order dessert. There’s no waiting, you can do that as soon as you want to. In addition to this, it cuts down on errors as the kitchen staff doesn’t need to interpret potentially shoddy handwriting.

This does not remove the human element- you can still use the system to get the wait staff to come and ask any questions you may have.

Another massive benefit is that once the meal is over you don’t have to wait around to pay the bill, as you can use the table ordering system to pay at your convenience.

Try it yourself

A table ordering system could potentially revolutionize your business. To find out more about our table ordering system and the rest of our POS range contact NorthStar today and we can also arrange a live demonstration to show you how efficient our table ordering system is.