The National Restaurant Association recently released its “2030” report, projecting just how different the restaurant landscape will look within one short decade. Among other findings in this report are the projected rapid expansion of pay-at-the-table technology and table-top ordering systems.

“If you’re not doing business through a phone or tablet — whether it’s delivery, online ordering or even your tableside POS — you could find your business struggling,” the report explains.

Because so many current and future consumers will demand a tech-immersive experience, becoming an early adopter of tabletop tablets and ordering systems can keep your restaurant competitive. 

Learn more about how pay-at-the-table technology can boost your restaurant’s efficiency and security:

Benefits of Pay-at-the-Table Technology 

Pay-at-the-table technology is more than just a sleek tabletop tablet. Not only can these systems improve waitstaff efficiency, but they can also boost total sales by giving the customer more control.

Picture this: it’s a busy lunch shift and one of your servers has called in sick. Without a tabletop ordering system, your customers could be waiting impatiently to order while your rushed servers work as quickly as they can.

The end of the shift could leave your staff exhausted (and low on tips) and your customers dissatisfied. 

But with a restaurant POS system that allows tabletop ordering and payment, your waitstaff can focus on delivering food, answering questions, and providing refills instead of frantically going from table to table to do all these tasks and take orders, drop off checks, and take payment. 

Pay-at-the-table systems also provide more security than traditional POS systems as they ensure the customer’s credit card never leaves their possession.

Even if you fully trust every staff member and know that they wouldn’t purposely compromise a customer’s financial information, accidents can happen, and the last thing you want is for a staffer to misplace a customer’s card or accidentally switch it with someone else’s.

Finally, because pay-at-the-table technology provides the customer with full control over the ordering process, it can reduce chargebacks and minimize the amount of wasted food generated by erroneous orders.

What Pay-at-the-Table Features Are Available?

There’s no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to tabletop POS systems, and the right choice for your restaurant will depend on everything from the demographics of your customer base to the size and complexity of your menu.

Some POS systems are simple and designed to appeal to even the most tech-averse customers, while others are far more sophisticated and even include games and puzzles. 

Northstar POS offers five different POS systems that can be easily customized to fit your restaurant’s needs. From a traditional POS to web and mobile ordering to tabletop and kiosk systems, Northstar’s attractive and easy-to-use interface can empower your guests and improve their dining experience.

The tabletop system allows customers to place their order, pay at the table by signing with a finger, and even purchase songs while they wait.

By suggesting additional items, like drinks, appetizers, desserts, and other add-ons, this system can perform a subtle upsell, boosting the final total (and the tips for waitstaff). Above all, it will ensure a more seamless and efficient transaction for your customers and employees alike.