Some of the benefits of a restaurant POS system are immediately apparent: WiFi-enabled tablets allow staff to send orders immediately from the table to kitchen or bar, and to receive an immediate notification of any changes in menu or specials. 

Customers benefit from enhanced service and rapid and secure payments while business owners enjoy maximum productivity and table turns.

But it’s probably the hidden benefits of modern POS systems that are most important.  

The Benefits of a Restaurant POS System

Business Management Reports

A quality restaurant POS system like the NorthStar will enable you to create a number of key business management reports, with up to the minute data, at any time and from any location.

First and foremost among these will be your sales report, which provides a comprehensive picture of your business during a specified time period. As well as total sales, the report will also tell you how individual menu items are performing, how many guests you’re serving, how much they’re spending and the speed of your table turns. 

You can also call upon detailed product and menu reports to identify the dishes that are driving your profits, the most popular upsells and modifiers and the items that are underperforming and may need a rethink. For really precise management, you can analyze all this information by session, day, week month or year. 

And for the fullest possible picture of your business operations, these sales reports can be complemented by an exceptions report, which will itemize all returns, refunds and discounts processed by your waiting staff.

More information about your team members’ performance can be obtained from a detailed staff report, which will identify your best and worst-performing employees, and highlight those areas in which productivity can be improved.

Loyalty Programs and Marketing

Building great customer relationships is vital to the success of any service business and the NorthStar POS can do a great deal to facilitate this.

At the simplest level, you can use your POS to produce reports about your guests’ behavior, to identify your highest spending and most loyal customers and to engage with them through targeted e-mails promoting forthcoming events, new menu items and special offers.

A good restaurant POS will also make the operation of a customer loyalty program – one of the most cost-effective marketing tools – simplicity itself.

And if you want to use gift cards as part of your marketing and loyalty strategy, you can easily run a scheme and process both physical and digital cards with your POS.

Better Security for Data and Payments

But even the best customer relationships are unlikely to survive the collapse in trust that follows a data breach or payment card fraud.

The NorthStar POS system, therefore, makes it a priority to use the very latest encryption technology to ensure the maximum security of your customers’ confidential data, whether they’re paying by card or with a mobile device.    

The CBS NorthStar Solution

We’ve set out here just a few of the hidden benefits of restaurant POS systems, which are now far more than just a tool to enable a rapid and secure ordering and payment process.

We’ve been a market leader in this technology for more than 25 years. And when used with imagination and creativity, the NorthStar POS’s full range of features make it an invaluable tool for managing and growing your business, maximizing productivity and profits, and ensuring your customers’ security.      

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