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The 4 Big Movers and Shakers: 2016 In Review

While we all were recently celebrating the ball dropping in New York ringing in 2017, our friends over at the Restaurant Technology Guys were busy putting together a podcast recapping all of the biggest happenings that shook and rattled the restaurant technology industry. 2016 was an incredible year. Though it took some of the most beloved celebs, saw one of the most unlikely presidential elections in the history of the US, it brought a number of incredible changes to the restaurant space. The Restaurant Technology Guys broke the biggest ones down and recorded them for the world to hear.

They were able to break it down to 4 of the biggest things that changed the way we do business today. So what were those 4?


The world is getting smaller and smaller. It’s the same old story of the big fish gobbling up the smaller fish. Heartland buying up POS companies, etc. What this means for your business is a double edged sword: it could be the best thing or the worst. They give some great tips how to determine if one of these acquisitions will help or hurt you.

Silicon Valley Effect

What do apps like Uber, Yelp, and other high-profile developers mean for your business? Their impact has been unmistakably huge, and their presence is growing. By not partnering with them, you’re losing out on marketing and mindshare. But is it right for you? The guys do a deep dive on how to best determine what apps are going to make it, what will help your restaurant, which will be a burden, and what will be left in the dust.

Omnivore Effect

One of the biggest shakers in the industry is an app called Omnivore… They have become the “app” store for the POS world. The space is becoming more and more friendly, opening the options up like they’ve never been before. What this means for your business is that there’s never been a better time to get out there and put some real opportunity behind your dream restaurant setup.

Restaurant 2.0

Technology has become nimble enough that even the biggest players have been launching and changing their technology options. But just because they have million dollar budgets doesn’t mean your restaurant has to do without. The future is now in restaurants, and the Restaurant Technology Guys have some good tips to get you to where you want to be.

You can check out their podcast here

January 6, 2017|News & Events|

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