Order Entry iPad Application Software v3.3.9 (Release) Order Entry for iPad **UPDATE 10/5/15**

3.3.9 (Release) Order Entry for iPad

Release Date: 10/02/2015 | Live Date: –


  • [OE-4839] – Fixed issues with incorrect payment amount display after first visiting the payment screen.
    • Payment amount was not updating when new items were added to the check.
    • Payment amount was not updating when adding a combo item.

3.3.8 (Release) Order Entry for iPad

Release Date: 09/18/2015 | Live Date: 09/29/2015 –


  • [OE-4760] – Adding value to Comp card results in “Cannot add 0” error
  • [OE-4762] – Fixed issue where swiping loyalty card would not associate customer to check
  • [OE-4763] – Order item refill prices were not respected when modifying
    • When modifying a refill, item components prices were added on top of the refill item, increasing price
  • [OE-4773] – Re-added pricing override discount branch to fix broken logic
    • Items with a price override were not being honored
  • [OE-4717] – Employee with cashier-level permissions is allowed to take over a session at a table assigned to another employee
  • [OE-4656] – Payment amount wouldn’t update when with new orders added
  • [OE-4719] – Fixes null email crash when opening check
    • When opening a check that was created from an online order, occasionally the client would crash if there was an empty (null) customer email.
  • [OE-4618] – HockeyApp crash logs not being sent from release client
October 5, 2015|NorthStar Version Releases|

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