NorthStar Version 46, aptly named “Ignite”, coming soon to the Apple App Store.

Ignite includes critical new features and improvements to existing features to not only spark the growth of our clients, but will set the foundation for the future of the NorthStar platform.

Two of the most exciting new features found in NorthStar Ignite include Server Teams and Timeclock Enforcement and Grace Period Assignment.


Server Teams

Need to assign multiple servers to a table? Maybe it’s a large party, a banquet, or you allow for multiple servers at one table. Whatever the reason, NorthStar has you covered.

 Schedule enforcement and grace periods

With NorthStar 46 Ignite, employees clocking in too early or too late is a thing of the past.* This integration will allow staff a grace period around their clock-in time to allow them to clock in. Otherwise, they won’t be able to without a manager approval.

For the full details on the new NorthStar Version 4.5, click the button below.

NorthStar – 4.6 IGNITE New Feature Overview


*Requires HotSchedules