NorthStar Version 4.5, one of the most highly-anticipated releases of NorthStar is now available on the Apple App Store.

Version 4.5 boasts over 20 new features and hundreds of other improvements to existing features.

Three of the of the most exciting new features found in NorthStar Version 4.5 include Item Search, Alphanumeric Table Numbers, and Manager Swipe-Over.

Item Search

Finding items has never been easier. Simply tap the magnifying glass icon and search for the item in the prompt. Items can be added directly to the check or modified. To see how easy Item Search is to use check out the video.

 Alpha Numeric Table Numbers

Memorizing table numbers is a thing of the past. With Alpha Numeric table numbers simplify and speed up service all while reducing training time for servers as they no longer have to memorize table numbers or areas.

Check out the new Alpha Numeric Table Numbers feature in NorthStar Version 4.5 in the video.

Manager Swipe Over

In NorthStar Version 4.5, the Manager will be able to use privileges that the server does not have by simply swiping a Manager card on the open session.  We made it easy to see when the Manager is overriding the screen by adding a blue overlay of the word “Manager.”  Once the adjustment has been made, simply tapping “done” removes the terminal from Manager mode and no further adjustments may be made. The server can now resume activity on the check.

Check out Manager Swipe-Over in action in the video.

For the full details on the new NorthStar Version 4.5, click the button below.

NorthStar – 4.5 New Feature Overview