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How Cruise Line POS Technology is Improving the Travel Experience

By |September 9, 2019|Categories: News & Events|Tags: , |

Restaurant POS systems have already become familiar to many diners, but the technology is also extremely well suited to the cruise ship environment, and cruise line POS systems are rapidly gaining in popularity among operators.

Restaurant Worker Scheduling: Maximizing Employee Efficiency With POS Technology

By |August 28, 2019|Categories: News & Events|Tags: |

When it comes to restaurant worker scheduling, managers and owners often find themselves challenged by labor shortages, varying schedule requirements, and other staffing wrinkles.

Restaurant Trends Disrupting the Industry in 2019

By |August 13, 2019|Categories: News & Events|

The huge amount of information and choices now instantly available to consumers means that some restaurant trends can begin, peak and peter out before many outlets have a chance to react to them. That said, there are some current trends which seem likely to have a lasting effect on the market and of which businesses need to be aware.

Scott Hickson Joins NorthStar’s Parent Company as Chief Financial Officer

By |March 22, 2019|Categories: News & Events|

(IRVINE, CA) 3.22.2019– Custom Business Solutions (CBS), developers of NorthStar POS, the restaurant industry’s first iPad-based cloud point-of-sale system, officially announces today that Scott Hickson has joined the company as Chief Financial Officer. Read more...