(International Restaurant Show, New York – Booth #1224) March 1, 2018 – For nearly seven years, restaurant operators across the country have turned to NorthStar point of sale system to better manage operations, streamline data capture and offer remote visibility of their restaurant. In New York, operators like Ellen’s Stardust Diner, a popular entertainment venue serving three dayparts, and Opry City Stage, which brings the Grand Ole Opry experience to Times Square, are capitalizing on NorthStar’s robust cloud-based capabilities.

Developed for the restaurant industry seven years ago, NorthStar point of sale provides an omnichannel system for guests and servers to more efficiently place orders while managing security, improving speed of service and enhancing the guest experience, all managed from the cloud.

At Ellen’s Stardust Diner servers use iPads as a mobile solution to take guest orders and utilize the restaurant’s wifi to send those directly to the kitchen. Efficiency is important at this very busy restaurant that serves more than 3,000 people a day and where the servers double as entertainers, singing a variety of Broadway and popular tunes throughout meals. The restaurant uses NorthStar equipped iPads at stationary terminals for processing payments with EMV compliant and chip reader technology.

At Opry City Stage, where the owners partnered with Blue Ribbon Group for a Southern-inspired menu, iPads help servers optimize operations at the three-month old venue that features three dining rooms running three different customized versions of NorthStar. Opry showcases live country music seven days a week with bands on stage during breakfast, lunch and dinner. The venue, a sister business to Ellen’s Stardust Diner, offers seating for 600.

As adoption of the NorthStar software expands across fine and casual dining, fast casual and entertainment segments, the company launched a dealer network to assist operators in implementing and customizing the system for their operational needs. Restaurants in New York can work with respected dealers and industry veterans like Charles Reiser, a New York-based, point of sale technology consultant who specializes in the restaurant industry.

“No matter the size of the operation, NorthStar has the features and functionality to deliver value for restaurants,” says Charles Reiser. “The development Custom Business Solutions has put behind NorthStar ensures it will continue to evolve and stay ahead of the industry’s needs. It’s the ideal solution.”

About NorthStar Point of Sale

Developed for the restaurant industry seven years ago, NorthStar delivers a robust cloud-based omnichannel point of sale system for hospitality businesses that integrates point of sale, guest ordering, kiosk, web and online ordering into one solution.  In addition to being EMV compliant, NorthStar is processor agnostic and allows hospitality businesses to choose their own credit card processing company. NorthStar was developed by Irvine, Calif.-based Custom Business Solutions, which has decades of experience in cash management for restaurant companies, to address market changes in technology and its rapid adaptation in the hospitality industry.