NorthStar Mobile Manager

Mobile reporting made easy

NorthStar Mobile Manager provides immediate, actionable information about a restaurant or a group of restaurants at the convenience of your mobile device. No longer does a manager have to wait for up-to-the-minute reliable data to run a more profitable restaurant.

Real-time alerting with check-level detail allows for management-level decisions, made from anywhere you are with your phone.


Manage your business with greater effectiveness from anywhere, all in real time. NorthStar Mobile Manager will reduce the amount of time you spend on tracking down transactional data on data points such as comps, discounts, and voids, whenever they breach an acceptable level set by corporate. Real-time alerting is provided to you, whether you are on the restaurant floor, managing from home or sitting on the beach.

NorthStar Mobile Manager provides your managers access to key management data, such as gross sales, net sales, comps, voids, labor hours, labor dollars, and more.


Engage and connect with employees

Receive data regarding employee performance, labor dollars, and percentage by job code so you can continuously improve your staff’s performance resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Mobile manager screenshots