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Don’t get stuck with outrageous chargeback fees.

An EMV Card Reader keeps your multi location restaurant EMV compliant

Since October 2015 EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) has shifted the liability of fraudulent charges from the issuing banks to merchants without EMV Card Readers. Since the launch of EMV Chip Readers in the United States many restaurant chains, resorts, cruise lines, and franchises have received heavy chargeback fees for fraudulent charges.

EMV Card Readers are not required but highly recommended

While your business may not be required to have chip card readers, your organization is at risk of severe financial loss due to non compliance. In one case study a major restaurant chain lost up to $100,000 per month due to fraudulent purchases. Don’t let this happen to you. Our EMV Credit Card compliance guide shows you how to save money with the right EMV smart card POS software and hardware.

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Make Way for the EMV Credit Card:
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