Flexible, Powerful, Profitable.

NorthStar is the restaurant industry’s best, fully integrated point of sale software.

Five ways to take orders:

Why Work with CBS?

Custom Business Solutions is an experienced market leader that knows the restaurant industry like few technology companies do. In fact, we’ve been successfully leveraging our technology solutions in restaurants for over two decades – and like a fine wine, our solutions just keep getting better with age. Our technology evolves from fresh ideas that bring together all the ease of use, functionality, flexibility, data, and reporting insights that your clients need for success.

Restaurants is ALL we do.

Because hospitality is all we do, we truly understand the industry. We’re not the new tech company du jour trying to conform our software to a restaurant environment, and we’re not one of the giant corporations that swallows up its competition for the sake of diversification and doesn’t seem to care about their resellers.

Hospitality has been our industry since we started, and we’re invested in it. This is where we dream, build, and innovate. CBS works with people who are excited about serving great food to people. Wherever food is enjoyed is where we want NorthStar POS to be.

We care about our partners.

As a reseller itself, CBS understands the challenges that resellers face – from the lower costs of hardware eating away at your margins, to a serious lack of incentives.

  • We know the frustrations of not having a say in product development despite intimately knowing what customers need.
  • We get the pressures and the challenges… we’ve been there.
  • We believe in the Golden Rule, including an open invitation to help shape the future of our NorthStar products.

You are valued here.

The hospitality industry’s first tablet-based multi mode ordering solution isn’t just another POS software, an innovative business solution. It is the only tablet software that delivers and integrates multiple ordering modes.

Are you ready to make money with NorthStar?

Isn’t it about time you added the top cloud-based multi-restaurant POS to your product offerings?  Your clients will experience faster table turns and increased profit with NorthStar.

NorthStar Can Currently Be Found In: