Professional development to make the time you spend at work a little more productive. The five things to consider to make yourselves better as a professional.

Task Management

To do lists. Asana or Wonderlist: dates and times on tasks that need to get done by the end of day. Assign three tasks. Having all employees on the same schedule with the same. Any tools that you use be 100% certain that you can get to them from anywhere to see it, to use it, to add to it from anywhere. Best way to manage time.

Email Management

GTD, do it, defer it or delete it. Technology tools:, Sanebox, reschedule items to be able to focus on getting the most important tools. Obliviates the squirrel effect in getting distracted. Don’t live out of your email. Check your email three to four times a day, don’t hit the refresh button. Be disciplined enough to get it right the first time. Unenroll, unsubscribe. Delete the noise distracting you.

Stay Informed: Continuous Learning

Keep motivated, educated, mind stimulated to continue to grow as professionals.

  • Podcasts are effective for continuous learning. Listen to them at 1 ½ to 2 speed, fastest bite size pieces
  • Books, reading them and buying them are the cheapest ways to keep your mind stimulated. Audible is a great medium, E-books
  • Trade Shows
  • Seminars
  • Video: YouTube Subscriptions
  • Blogs: feeder service

Time Tracking

Infinite number of things to get done in a day. Tracking your time: layout what your ideal day, week or month should look like. Schedule meetings, platform that can be used. Staying focused tools: Rescue Time, tracking where you spent your time; Stay Focused, will block those distractions; Airplane Mode on Phone or Computer; Pomodoro Affect. Cost effective tools. Your time is so precious. Even go analog for time tracking.


Prioritize sleep and get adequate sleep. Look at how much sleep time you are actually getting, how do you feel in the morning, how well did you sleep? Darkness affects your sleep pattern, light causes your brain to think it’s still light out. Get rid of the Blue light. Decompress before bed. Become technology free before bed. Also watch caffeine intake and change your behaviors. Just because you are sleeping, doesn’t mean you are getting that quality sleep your body needs.

Focus on one or two things from this podcast, choose the less expensive ones, try and use them for thirty days. Change the way you look at life. We cannot make more time, so make the time count. Share your goals with people, if you want your task management tool to succeed, share with your team, your husband, your wife, communicate, they will help support you to get to your goal.

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