Release Date: 9/20/2016 | Live Date: 9/22/2016

What’s New in Version 4.0.3

New Features

  • Multi-site support – supports ordering from multiple sites from a single device
  • Seat number functionality – including requiring a seat number, printing and sorting
  • Combo ordering – guests can order a pre-defined combo
  • EMV payment (VX-805)
  • Guest-facing –
    • Web browsing
    • Featured menu categories for speedy ordering
    • Set default gratuity (editable by guest)
    • Set menu item to require staff ordering
  • Free components – configure no-charge components based on quantities
  • Menu item pricing – set item prices by menu in a single view
  • Item prefix – print menu prefix before menu item name


  • Adjustment reasons by site
  • Disable payments by type by site
  • Automatic gratuities – use net or gross check total for calculations
  • Alternate payments allowed by job
  • Labor categories – organize jobs by category
  • Training mode – user in training can only attach to training mode locations; disabled cashout for training mode
  • Adjustment grouping by type – summarize on the app and receipts
  • Area gratuities – enable auto-gratuity by area
  • Taxes by menu – enable/disable specific taxes by menu
  • Disable email receipt
  • Manual System Open/Close – allow manual open/close operation


  • Redeeming gift cards via swipe on payment screen showed invalid card number error
  • In table service, the user was not returned to the location map after submitting an order
  • Open percent gratuity adjustment always showed 0 instead of configured amount from ECM
  • When multiple sites are configured, the app did not always start up smoothly
  • Split combo – only one item in split would expand to show list of qualifiers in combo
  • When creating a combo and selecting the qualifying items, items did not display quantity badge
  • After adding new devices, multiple devices on a single location were not staying in sync
  • Creating a pre-order caused the app to crash
  • Loading adjustment reasons took too long
  • Advance order scheduled time was not displayed in search controller
  • Checks could not be found and opened for current day via check search
  • Time was 4 hours behind on “Set Pickup Time”
  • Guest could not send themselves an e-mail receipt; button was hidden
  • Incorrect menus were displayed
  • Honor permissions for re-open check and activate comp cards buttons